The ROCB A/P discussed future collaboration with RILO AP

25 August 2021, Online Meeting hosted by ROCB A/P


On 25 August 2021, Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of ROCB A/P, and the staff of ROCB A/P met online with Mr. Tae-Soo YOO, Head of RILO A/P and his colleagues to discuss future collaboration as the WCO regional body in AP region, moderated by Mr. Ilkwon HAN, program manager of ROCB AP.


Mr. Kuramoto briefly introduced the outline of ROCB A/P and key events organized by ROCB AP including workshops in this fiscal year. He also underlined that the ROCB A/P has successfully completed the capacity building workshops at the last fiscal year by great support from RILO AP.


Mr. Tae-Soo YOO, Head of RILO AP highlighted the importance of cooperation against the threat of illicit trade at his opening remarks. And then Mr. YoungKyoung KIM, Deputy head of RILO AP explained the activities of RILO AP including current joint enforcement projects, such as Operation GOALS, MEKONG DRAGON, DEMETER.


During the meeting, future opportunities for collaboration and next steps were actively discussed. The ROCB A/P and RILO AP have agreed on continuously strengthening ROCB A/P – RILO AP cooperation in assisting the capacity building programs for AP Members.


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