ROCB A/P joined International Canine Seminar on Drug Anti-smuggling by Russian Customs

22 - 23 Sept 2021, Moscow, Russia by online

At the invitation of the Dog Training Centre of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) in Russia, Mr. Ilkwon HAN, Program Manager of ROCB A/P participated the International Canine Seminar on Drug Anti-smuggling held virtually on 22 - 23 September 2021 with simultaneous translation service.

The seminar was moderated by Mr. Vitaliy Sobolev, head of the International Cooperation Unit of the FCS Dog Training Centre, and for the information sharing on canine function and drug seizures in the Customs administrations from 11 countries, namely Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Tajikistan.

Mr. Ilkwon HAN delivered a presentation to introduce the ROCB A/P and to provide an overview of WCO AP Regional Canine Workshop in June 2021, co-hosted by ROCB AP and Korea Customs Service (RDTC Korea).  In addition, He highlighted the contents of Good Customs Practice Report on Canine Training and Operations in AP region which was issued by ROCB AP in July 2021.  It is great honored to receive many compliments from the participating members for sharing useful information about Canine Operations of Asia Pacific Members as a good reference.

During the seminar, respective Customs administrations shared their best practices by Canine functions in their daily operation to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness.  Details of canine activities and drug seizure cases were shared and discussed during the presentations.

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