31st Regional Contact Point (RCP) Meeting

2 -3 Nov 2021, Online Meeting Hosted by Vice Chair


The 31st Regional Contact Point (RCP) Meeting was organized and hosted online by Vice Chair on 2 – 3 Nov 2021. Over 60 participants from Asia Pacific members, WCO Secretariat, Vice Chair, RILO A/P and ROCB A/P attended the meeting. Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head, Ms. Sherman Yu, Program Manager, and Ms. Yuko Mamiya, Program Manager of ROCB A/P attended.


To kick off the meeting, Mr. Askolani, Vice Chair of A/P region, WCO and Dr. Taeil Kang, Director of Capacity Building Directorate, WCO both delivered opening speeches. After adoption of the agenda, updates of WCO policy, report on Asia Pacific region’s activity, ROCB A/P work and RILO A/P work were shared and presented to participants. Mr. Kuramoto explained about the updates of ROCB A/P activities.


As for the Regional Strategic Plan (RSP) 2020 -2022, Since ROCB A/P and Japan Customs are the co-coordinators for Focus Area 3 (FA3) – Capacity Building Activities, Mr. Kuramoto also made a presentation on the Progress Report on FA3 on behalf of the co-coordinators. As for the next RSP 2022 – 2024, Vice Chair Secretariat reported the preparation including proposed timeline to draw up the plan.


During the meeting, Thai Customs and Iran Customs who are applying to be RTC and RDTC respectively, provided updates on their activities as well as preparation to be accredited as regional entities. Followed by these presentations, Asia Pacific members were invited to share their experiences as well as latest development on various topics. Members took this opportunity to actively discuss and exchange views on Customs-related issues.


For more information, please contact us at rocb@rocbap.org





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