KCS visits ROCB A/P to enhance collaboration

28 February 2022, Bangkok


Mr. Younghan YOU, Director General of Korea Customs Service (KCS), accompanied by Ms. Jieun JUNG, Customs Attaches in Korean Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, courtesy visited the ROCB A/P on 28 February 2022.


Mr. Norikazu KURAMOTO, Head of the ROCB A/P and his colleagues warmly welcomed the delegates.  At the beginning, he expressed his appreciation for KCS for its long-standing supports and contribution for the ROCB A/P and its activities through seconded official, financial funding and collaboration by regional entities of Korea in delivering capacity building.  Mr. Younghan YOU complimented the achievement of the ROCB A/P in the WCO capacity building activities and encouraged the ROCB staff to support the WCO Members with their continuous endeavor.  During the meeting, Mr. Kuramoto introduced the staff of ROCB A/P and outline of WCO followed by the activities of ROCB A/P.  In addition, Mr. YOU shared the outline of his one year-research plan with Thai Customs Department.


Both parties confirmed its good relationship and found this visit to be a good synergy for the continuous cooperation between the ROCB A/P and KCS.


For more information, please contact at rocb@rocbap.org 



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