Virtual WCO Asia/ Pacific Sub-Regional Workshop on Post Customs Audit for South Asia

5 – 7 July 2022, online hosted by ROCB A/P


A sub-regional workshop on Post Customs Audit (PCA) for South Asia members was held virtually on 5 – 7 July 2022. The Workshop was funded by CCF/Japan and hosted by ROCB A/P. Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of ROCB A/P, Program Managers of ROCB A/P, Ms. Sherman Yu and Ms. Grace Ye, Program Coordinator, Ms Kanyawarat Sitthikunpanit attended to provide support.


Over 13 participants and 100 observers from 7 Customs Administrations in South Asia participated in the Workshop. In the opening speech, Mr. Pranab Kumar DAS, Director, Compliance and Facilitation Directorate, WCO affirmed the importance of PCA in the revenue collection. Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of ROCB A/P, who is the 2nd speaker of giving opening speech, echoed with Mr. DAS that PCA is a good scheme not only to collect duties but also to detect tax evasion and fraud. In addition to that, PCA operation is an area where digitization can be applied for more sophisticated operation.


In this 3-day Workshop, WCO accredited experts from Compliance and Facilitation Directorate facilitated and delivered presentations. At the 1st day, ROCB A/P provided its capacity building activity in Asia Pacific region to support modernization efforts of AP Members. In addition to that, ROCB A/P echoed the importance of post action of workshop at their home administrations by participant for maximizing its benefit at 3rd day. The agenda not only covered WCO’s concept and background of PCA, but also included fraud detection technique and related tools. Since Data Analytics is one of the hot topics in WCO, experts shared their experience in how to make use of the Big Data to facilitate PCA work. Participants were invited to share its experience and presented case study in Data analysis techniques for PCA targeting of auditees or Auditing techniques leading to detection of frauds.


Robust discussion aroused throughout the Q & A sessions. Participants were eager to learn about the best practices and the challenges that other customs administration faced in PCA. They showed positive response as they learnt the latest updates during the workshop.


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