ROCB A/P encourage Postal Sector to close cooperate with Customs

2 and 5 September, 2022, Bangkok Thailand


At the invitation of Asian-Pacific Postal Union, Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the head of ROCB A/P attended the 60th Anniversary of Asian-Pacific Postal Union on 2nd September and the 9th APPU Postal Business Forum on 5th September respectively.


At the ceremony of 60th Anniversary of Asian-Pacific Postal Union, Mr. Lin Hongliang the Secretary General made welcome remarks and expressed appreciation for all stakeholders and person involved in the history of APPU. One of the main guest speakers, Mr. Masahiko Metoki, the Director General of Universal Postal Union or UPU made congratulatory remarks to the APPU and its attendance as well as expressed his appreciation for the great effort and support for APPU, its member posts and sponsors for its long-standing history as well as for supporting and cooperating with UPU.


At the 9th APPU Postal Business Forum, Mr. Kuramoto delivered the key remarks for the participants and expressed the importance and necessity of Post and Customs cooperation for dealing to increasing the number of international postal parcels with legitimate trade. In addition to that, he informed the WCO-UPU joint global conference which will be held in Tokyo Japan at the first half of 2023 to promote further cooperation between postal services and Customs and encouraged the participants of this forum to actively participate.


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