ROCB A/P attended the Workshop for Passenger Assessment for Asia/ Pacific Customs Administration Officers

2 – 8 October 2022, Bali, Indonesia


At the invitation of RTC Indonesia, Program Manager of the ROCB A/P, Ms. Sherman YU, attended the ‘Workshop for Passenger Assessment for Asia/ Pacific Customs Administration Officers’ held in Bali, Indonesia on 2 – 8 October 2022.


During the workshop, Ms. Sherman YU delivered a presentation on WCO elaborating the capacity building works done or planned by ROCB A/P especially its workshop and meeting activity as we as publication ones. Also, she invited them to actively participate in the workshops and training conducted by ROCB A/P in this fiscal year. She also highlighted WCO useful tools and materials for targeting by Customs as well as encouraged the participants to make the best use of WCO resources and materials.


At the workshop, Ms. Oza Olavia, Assistant to the Minister for State Revenue Policy Affairs delivered opening speech for the workshop. She acknowledged that training is very important as not only this will support the officers of Customs Administration to carry out their duties effectively but also facilitate the development of the organization itself.


In the 1st day of the workshop, RTC/ Indonesia invited Australian Border Force (ABF) and also an expert in Air Passenger Processing, to be one of the speakers. The theme of the 1st day workshop was ‘International Passenger Control Regulations’ and ‘Human Resource and Passenger Monitoring Infrastructure’. Indonesia Customs shared the experience from his home administration on these topics. Following Indonesia Customs presentation, participants from 8 countries were invited to share their best practice or current situation in Air Passenger Processing.


Starting from 2nd day onwards, the trainers and speakers focus on practical aspects focus on specific topics. Participants were given opportunity to complete group assignments as well as taking part in ‘role play’ so that they can put what they learnt in the workshop into practice.


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