The ROCB A/P and the Korea Customs Service confirm continued cooperation to support capacity building in the Asia Pacific region

31 October 2022, Bangkok, Thailand


On 31 October 2022, Mr. Cheon Jeong Park, the Director of the International Investigation Division, Korea Customs Service (KCS), accompanied by his KCS colleagues, paid a courtesy visit to the ROCB A/P. Mr. Kuramoto, Head of ROCB and his colleagues warmly welcomed them.


Mr. Park introduced the outcomes of Operation SIREN which was a joint operation between the KCS and the Thai Customs Department and aimed to fight against drug trafficking. He explained that the KCS will endeavor to provide training for effective drug enforcement with AP members so that this will lead to more successful results in future operations.


Mr. Kuramoto and Mr. Park exchanged their views on how the ROCB A/P and the KCS could collaborate in building the capacity of drug enforcement in the AP region. Mr. Kuramoto and Mr. Park confirmed that their purpose is the same: to assist AP Members in building their capacity. They have agreed on continuously strengthening cooperation between the ROCB A/P and KCS to support the AP Members’ efforts on their capacity development.


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