20th Regional Training Center (RTC) Heads Meeting

2 – 3 November 2022, Hosted by ROCB A/P and RTC/ Thailand (Hybrid Mode)


The 20th Meeting of Heads of WCO Asia/Pacific Regional Training Center was organized and hosted by ROCB A/P and RTC/ Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 – 3 November 2022. Over 50 participants from RTCs, WCO Secretariat, Vice Chair Secretariat, and ROCB A/P attended the meeting. Due to the Covid pandemic and travel ban, the ROCB A/P decided host the meeting in hybrid mode. In the Opening Session, Mrs Nunthita Sirikup, Deputy Director-General of Thai Customs Department delivered welcoming remarks. RTC/ Thailand was newly accredited as the 10th RTC in the AP region in 2022 and hosting the 20th RTC Heads Meeting bears an important meaning to them. Mr Taeil Kang, Director of Capacity Building Directorate, WCO, Mr Cheon-jeong PARK, Head of RILO A/P and Mr Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of ROCB A/P delivered remarks following Mrs Nunthita Sirikup’s speech.


At the Information Sharing session, updates of WCO policy, Asia Pacific region’s activity, and RILO A/P work were shared and presented to participants. During the meeting, each RTC was invited to give a presentation to introduce their capacity building activities as well as latest development. A Panel discussion was included in the meeting to discuss the ‘Challenges and good practice of Customs training under COVID-19’ and ‘What’s the lesson learnt in the pandemic and way forward for future capacity building activities’. Presenters and participants shared their views on the challenges and benefits of conducting online training according to their experience. This information is a good reference for members and they can take note of the best practices of RTCs which can be put into practice. It is hope that close collaboration and cooperation among RTCs will be fostered in near future.


Mr. Kuramoto summarized the 2-day meeting content in the wrap-up and way forward session. Closing remarks was delivered by Ms Akiko Kojima, Regional Development Manager, WCO Capacity Building Directorate followed by Mr Cheon-jeong PARK, Head of RILO A/P, Mrs Arpapannee Sangmukda, Head of RTC/ Thailand. Mr Kuramoto also took the opportunity to thank all the participants for their active participation and discussion in the 20th RTC Heads meeting.


For more information, please contact us at rocb@rocbap.org





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