Farewell message from Mr. Ilkwon HAN(Gideon)


Dear colleagues and friends,


Time flies. I can’t believe that I have completed my 3-year tenure at the ROCB A/P on 10 November 2022. The day I started working at the ROCB A/P in 2019 couldn’t imagine the COVID-19 pandemic.


In fact, my 3 year-term was passing through the COVID-19 situation.  However, the pandemic couldn’t stop my passion to deliver the Capacity building activity.  To wrap up my performance on organizing the regional workshop under the sponsorship of CCF-Korea, I should say 2-2-2.


The first 2 are two times of virtual workshop on Data Analytics and K9.  The second 2 are two times of hybrid workshop on Railway in Seoul, Korea and Data Analytics in Nadi, Fiji.  The last 2 are two times of face-to-face workshop on K9 in RDTC Korea and the Masterclass in Seoul, Korea.  Furthermore, I am proud that I have made the first hybrid and face-to-face workshop in AP region.


Other than these, I also had several experiences, such as writing special essay, organizing meetings, joining the workshop as PCA and Valuation expert, etc.  all my performance in ROCB AP has improved myself a lot.


Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone I have met and worked with through my tenure of the ROCB A/P, including Thai Customs Department, WCO Secretariat, Regional Vice Chair, WCO Regional Entities, WCO Member administrations in the region. I believe that my experience at the ROCB AP will be a big steppingstone that will continuously bring benefits to the region.  I am looking forward to working with you all again even after returning to Korea Customs Service. 


May God bless you.  Thank you.



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