Japan Customs visit to the ROCB A/P

14 February 2023, Bangkok Thailand


Mr. Keiji Shibata, Deputy Director General, Japan Customs paid courtesy visit to Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of the ROCB A/P accompanied by his colleagues on14th February 2023.


Mr. Kuramoto welcomed Mr. Shibata and Japan Customs’ delegations to visit the ROCB A/P. At the same time, he expressed his highest appreciation to Mr. Shibata and Japan Customs for its long-standing support to the ROCB A/P since it’s established in 2004.


Mr. Shibata expressed his appreciation for its leadership in delivering capacity building activities to Asia Pacific members and his commitment on the supporting the ROCB A/P and its members.


Taking this opportunity, Mr. Kuramoto introduced the ROCB A/P outline as well as the major functions and activities especially how to organize workshop activity in Asia Pacific region followed by the introduction of his colleagues of the ROCB A/P. In addition to that, Mr. Kuramoto expressed looked forward to close relationship with Japan Customs as a co-coordinator of Focus Area 3 (Capacity Building) of Regional Strategic Plan for Asia Pacific.


For more information, please contact at rocb@rocbap.org


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