Farewell message from Sherman YU

In the blink of an eye, my tenure comes to an end.

I was fortunate to be posted to ROCB A/P and worked here for 2 years. Throughout my journey, I experienced the hospitality of our hosting country.  ‘Land of smiles’ is a well-earned title for Thailand. I treated Bangkok as my second home.

Being a part of this office has taught me a lot. To wrap up what I have done, it would be ‘meetings, workshops and publications’. Looks easy but in fact the work is challenging, especially we are working in a region with multi-racial, diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Upholding the belief of ‘diversity in harmony’, which I was deeply convinced this should be one of the core values not only for ROCB A/P but for WCO as well, I think nothing is impossible. I see lots of collaboration and cooperation flourish in the region. As a common goal, I am sure the bonding and relationship is getting stronger among AP members. I'm appreciative of everyone that supported my development all along. I will bring back what I have learnt and experienced in ROCB A/P to my home administration. I do hope our friendship endures even after I go back to Hong Kong Customs.  So long! All the best!


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