The WCO Sub Regional Workshop on Training Management for ASEAN Members

The WCO Sub Regional Workshop on Training Management for ASEAN Members

15 – 19 January, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand


The WCO Sub-regional Workshop on Training Management for ASEAN Members was held from 15 - 19 January, 2024 at the WCO Regional Training Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, under the sponsorship of the Customs Cooperation Fund Japan (CCF/Japan). This Workshop is the first workshop of two-year Project launched by the ROCB A/P in 2023, based on the strong demand and needs of A/P Members. A total of 18 participants from 8 Customs Administrations from ASEAN Members attended the workshop.


Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of the ROCB A/P, Mr. Jun Tajima, Program Manager, Ms. Aksara Mackhawiman, Assistant Program Manager, and Ms. Jate-arpa Benjaphong, Program Coordinator, also attended the workshop as facilitator/coordinator.


In the opening remarks, Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto conveyed his appreciation to the Thai Customs Department for support and warm hospitality and the Japan Customs for their financial support in this workshop. He emphasized the significance of maintaining a sustainable training system and encouraged the participants to actively participate in the workshop. Mr. Jun Tajima introduced the primary objectives of the workshop that are to provide discussion opportunities among the Member Administrations on common challenges and promoting mutual learning on human resource development. The outcome of this initiative is the consolidation of these practices into a compendium, which will serve as a valuable resource for training management for the Region.


The workshop began with an introduction to the WCO tools on Human Resource Management (HRM) / Training, with a specific emphasis on the training system and the training process. Subsequently, the participants proceeded to deliver presentations on the Human Resource Management in their respective administrations. Afterward, Mr. Jun Tajima and Ms. Aksara Mackhawiman led the discussion sessions, starting with an explanation of the challenges gathered from the Members through the ROCB A/P survey in 2022 and the RTC Heads' Meeting in 2023. Then, the participants were invited to engage in discussions on the pivotal subjects of training. The participants actively engaged in discussions regarding common challenges and shared their insight and experiences in their Administrations.


The workshop was effectively concluded. The participants were encouraged to apply the knowledge acquired during the session to their works and to communicate their learnings to their colleagues and Administration, as their actions will contribute to the sustainability of their administration’s development. At the same time, the ROCB will utilize the good practices collected from this Workshop to subsequent Sub-Regional Workshops for the rest of the A/P Region.


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