KCS Vice Commissioner re-affirms his support for the ROCB A/P



24 November 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. CHUN Hong-uk, Vice Commissioner of the Korea Customs Service (KCS), accompanied by Mr. JEONG Seung-hwan, Director of Audit Policy Division, and Mr. KIM Won-seok, Deputy Director, Multilateral Cooperation Division,visitedthe ROCB A/P on 24 November 2014 on the occasion of his visit to the Thai Customs Department for bilateral cooperation talks.

Dr. CHUN and Mr. Kazunari IGARASHI, Head of the ROCB A/P shared the opinion to assist with capacity building activities in the Asia/Pacific region. Dr. CHUN also promised his administration’s continued active support to the ROCB A/P’s activities in various forms. 

To commemorate the ROCB A/P’s 10th anniversary of its establishment, Dr. CHUN presented the ROCB A/P a clock set which containsa world map with four clocks on four time zones, namely Brussels, Bangkok, Beijing/Hong Kongand Seoul/Tokyo. Mr. IGARASHI presented the ROCB A/P 10th anniversary commemorative cups to the KCS delegation for their memory and token of the Office’s appreciation.  

After signing the visitors' book, Dr. CHUN and his attendants, as the first high-ranking visitors after the 10th Anniversary Ceremony, were cordially invited to give water to the so-called “ROCB A/P trees” which symbolize nourishment of hope to the ROCB A/P and the members in the Asia/Pacific region.

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