Diamond V6 Customs


Diamond V6 Customs


Reported by Ms. Maki Kitaura
WCO Accredited Expert on Customs Valuation
Senior Inspector 
Customs Clearance Coordination Section,
Customs, Government of Japan 

Have you ever heard of the term “Diamond V6 Customs”?  Do you have any ideas what “Diamond V6 stands” for? You will see the reasons at the end of this article.

As an accredited expert on Customs Valuation, I fortunately had an opportunity to work at the first and second WCOADBjoint sub-regional TRAIN THE TRAINER workshops on Customs Valuation with the WCO Secretariat and other accredited experts in the region. Those workshops were organized under the multi-year  jointproject operated by the WCO and the ADB,aiming to support proper Customs Valuation management through Post Clearance Audit for SASEC countries, namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Through two workshops, first one held at Colombo, Sri Lanka in February 2014 and the second at Male, Maldives in October 2014, the participantsdiscussed the issues of Customs Valuation Control, learned skills and methodologies, thenfinalized an action plan for this multi-year technical assistance project. Two further national workshops are scheduled to be held in the six countries respectively by the year 2016 in order to achieve their own targets set in each National Action Plan.  

With regard to Customs Valuation Control, we shared our views and experiences on severalchallengeswhich we are facing, such as undervaluation and how to enhance the function of Post Clearance Audit. As a result of the discussion, we reconfirmed the necessity of regional cooperation and decided to utilize the “WCOCliKC!” for the purpose of exchanging information for this project. 

As to the trainer’s skill and methodology, we really enjoyed the session throughgames and activities. This kind of approach would be an eye-opener for some participants.At the end of the session, we all could learn the importance of being interactive and having the sense of putting ourselves into others’ shoes. 

As for me, it was a golden opportunity to work with other accredited experts in the region and the WCO Secretariat. In the session, I myself could also realize the difficulty of standing in front of the participants as an expert and refresh my KSA (knowledge, skill and attitude) in the session.  

After two workshops, I can say that we are connected with bonds of friendship under this project, since almost all the participants participated in both workshops.

By taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Sri Lanka and Maldives Customs who hosted these valuable workshops. Of course, many thanks go to my great friends, all the participants of the workshops and their dedication towards this project.

Lastly, have you got any ideas about “Diamond V6 Customs”? In fact, it is the nickname of this projectwhich was decided at the second workshop. “Diamond” stands for the wish that this project will be successful and become a precious thing like a diamond for SASEC countries,“V” stands for “Valuation” and “6” means six countries in this project. It is our pledge that we will bebrilliant, strong and valuable in the projectlike a“Diamond”. 

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