Seeking better collaboration with ADB in Southeast Asia region



9 December 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

In the course of a series of missions to Southeast Asian countries, Ms. Kanya Sasradipoera, Regional Cooperation Specialist of the Southeast Asia Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), accompanied by Mr. David Martin, a consultant to the ADB, visited the ROCB A/P on 9 December 2014. Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and Mr. James Wong, Program Manager for Southeast Asia, cordially welcomed the ADB colleagues.  

Ms. Sasradipoera briefed the ROCB A/P about the on-going trade facilitation project in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region and sought coordinated efforts with the ROCB A/P in assisting the streamlining of transit systems in the region. As a possible way forward, given that the theme of the WCO in 2015 is Coordinated Border Management, Mr. Igarashi suggested joint efforts to assist implementing a trade facilitation package from a broader perspective, including introduction of a smooth transit regime through coordination of the pertinent regulations administered by other government agencies. Possible collaboration under the WCO’s Mercator Program was discussed.

After a friendly and candid exchange of ideas and views, Ms. Sasradipoera and Mr. Martin were invited to give some water to the “ROCB trees” to symbolize and wish for continued cooperation between the ADB and the ROCB A/P.

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