Staff Updates

Welcome Message from Ms. Aksara Mackhawiman 
Dear Colleagues,

My name is Aksara Mackhawiman, a new Assistant Program Manager at the ROCB A/P. 

Farewell message from Ms. Pavida Tarapoom 
Dear Colleagues,

Time flies!! Time passes very quickly. Working here at the ROCB A/P, I have learned to work in international circumstances and improved my knowledge of international standards from both my colleagues at ROCB A/P, WCO and Members. 

Welcome Message from Mr. Jun Tajima 
Hello Members!

My name is Jun TAJIMA and it is my great pleasure to be assigned as one of the Programme Managers of the ROCB A/P. 

Farewell message from Yuko MAMIYA 
Dear Colleagues,

My tenure comes to an end. I feel that time passes very quickly. It means that I really enjoyed working with my colleagues at the ROCB A/P. Working experience at the ROCB A/P enriched my knowledge on international standards, sharpened my skills on carrying out capacity building activities and gave me plenty of opportunities to meet wonderful colleagues from the WCO and various Customs Administrations. 

Welcome Message from Mr. Louis Chan 

It is with great pleasure and honor that I introduce myself, Louis Chan from Hong Kong Customs, as the new member of the ROCB A/P family. 

Farewell message from Sherman YU 
In the blink of an eye, my tenure comes to an end.
I was fortunate to be posted to ROCB A/P and worked here for 2 years. 

Welcome Message from Mr. Jaemin Cho 
It's an honor to greet all the staff.

I entered public service in 2014 after passing the Korean Bar Exam. I have worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Korea Prosecution Service, and the Korea Customs Service for about 10 years. 

Farewell message from Mr. Ilkwon HAN(Gideon) 
Dear colleagues and friends,

Time flies. I can’t believe that I have completed my 3-year tenure at the ROCB A/P on 10 November 2022. 

Welcome Message from Ms. Kanyawarat SITTHIKUNPANIT 
Dear Colleagues,

My name is Kanyawarat SITTHIKUNPANIT. My nickname is Ploy. I’m the new staff at ROCB A/P for the Program Coordinator position. 

Message from Ms. Pavida Boonmun 
Dear Colleagues,

I am Pavida Boonmun, ‘May’ as a nickname, Assistant Program Manager of the ROCB A/P. I am very pleased to join and work at the ROCB A/P again. 

Message from Ms. Yuko Mamiya 
Dear Colleagues,

I am Yuko MAMIYA from Japan Customs. It is my great pleasure to join the WCO ROCB A/P and work with my colleagues who have welcomed me warmly and supported me since the first day. 

Message from Mr. Ilkwon HAN (Gideon) 
It is my honor to have greetings to fellow officers. After being a customs officer in 1988, I had a dream to be an international customs officer. 

Farewell Message from Mr. Hong-Young JO 
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Even I don’t want to leave here, the time touches my mouth I should say to good-bye. I am completing my 2-year tenure on 3rd September 2019. 

Welcome Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, New Head of ROCB A/P 
Dear readers,

It is a great pleasure and honor to extend my greetings from Bangkok. My name is Norikazu KURAMOTO as the new Head of the ROCB A/P for the next five years. 

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