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WCO Regional Workshop on Strategic Initiatives for Trade Facilitation - Mercator Programme

16-18 March 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia


Day 1
Overview of the implementation of the TFA
Time Content Speaker


     Opening Ceremony
     - Indonesia
     - WCO (Mr. Mikuriya)
     - Indonesia  (Mr. Agung Kuswandono)
     - Japan (Mr. Hideharu Tanaka)
     - ADB (Mr. James Patrick Lynch)
     - WTO (Dr. Faustin Luanga)
     9:45-10:45      Trade Facilitation Agreement-Overview      WTO (Dr. Faustin Luanga)
     10:45-11:00      Group Photo session  
     11:00-11:30      Coffee break  
     11:30-12:15      Implementing the WTO TFA : Mercator Programme and the role of the WCO      WCO (Mr. Toshihiko Osawa)
     12:15-13:45      Lunch Break  
     The next steps forward in implementing the TFA
     - Malaysia Customs
     - Indonesia Customs 
     Customs Business Partnership
     - IFCBA
     - FIATA 
     - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia 
     15:45-16:15      Coffee Break  
     Activities of International/regional organizations
     - APEC (Philippine Customs (Chair of SCCP))
     - ASEAN
     - UNESCAP


Day 2
Capacity Building Programme 
Time Content Speaker
     Capacity Building for TFA implementation - Overviews
     - WTO
     - WCO (ROCB)
     - Experiences of Cambodia
     10:15-11:15      Coffee break  
     Perspectives of Development Partners and Donor Institutions (continued)
     - CCF/Japan
     - CCF/Korea
     - CCF/China
     - ADB 
     12:30-14:00      Lunch Break  
     Panel discussion on Capacity Building approaches and principles with a view to preparing for/enhancing projects in the TF area
     Moderator (Mr. Igarashi (WCO ROCB)
     - WTO(Dr Faustin Luanga), 
     - Cambodia Customs (Mr. Chea Samnang)
     - Fiji Customs (Mr. Jonetani Vuto)
     - Japan Customs (Mr. Hideharu Tanaka)
     15:30-16:00      Coffee Break  
     Opportunity for bilateral discussions between Members and Development Partners/international organizations


 Day 3
Cooperation with other government agencies
Time Content Speaker
     Coordinated Border Management  - Overview (WCO)
     National Trade Facilitation Committee
     - Sri Lanka Customs
     - PNG Customs 


     10:30-11:00      Coffee break  

     Views of other government agencies

     - Ministry of Trade of Indonesia
     - Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency 
     - Coordinating Ministry of Economics of Indonesia
     - Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Lao PDR
     - Ministry of Industry of Mongol
     - Coordinating Ministry of Economics of Indonesia (Mr. Muwasiq)
     13:00-14:30      Lunch Break  
     Members experiences on CBM
     - Intermodal Transshipment Facilitation Scheme (Hong Kong Customs)
     - Time Release Study and implication for other agencies(Japan Customs)
     -India Customs
     - CBM
     Coffee Break


     Other International Organizations
     - WTO (SPS) - Video Conference
     - OIE

     - WTO SPS (Mr. Christiane Wolff  and Mr. Melvin Spreij)



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