WCO A/P Regional Workshop on the Use of PNR



26 May 2015, Kashiwa, Japan

WCO, in cooperation with the ROCB A/P and Regional Training Centre in Japan (Japan Customs Training Institute (CTI)) in Kashiwa) conducted the Regional Workshop on the use of PNR from 26 – 29 May 2015, under the sponsorship of CCF/Japan. A total of 38 delegates including resource speakers from the WCO Secretariat, RILO A/P and the US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), particpated in this important regional Customs capacity building program. Mr. Kazunari IGARASHI, Head of the ROCB A/P, attended this Workshop as the facilitator.

During the Opening Session, Mr. Miroru JITSUHARA, Managing Director of CTI, Japan, Mr. François REMUE, Technical Attaché of the WCO Secretariat and Mr. IGARASHI delivered their opening remarks. The speakers stressed the significance on the use of advance passenger information for Customs risk assessment in order to contend with both increasing volume of air passengers and continued illicit trafficking in contraband with limited Customs resources. At the same time, speakers encouraged participants to establish personal networks and friendships for future information and experience sharing.

The Workshop was designed to showcase some good practices on a set of recommended practices enumerated in the WCO on the Use of API and PNR for Efficient and Effective Customs Control (June 2012). After hearing a series of challenges in contending with increasing passenger volume and related Customs offences, Mr. REMUE provided participants with an overview of the international instruments available and the benefits to using PNR. Participants, whose administrations are using PNR including Mr. Jerry KAPLAN, the USCBP, shared their experiences in risk assessment and targeting. A practical example of coordination with other border agencies was also discussed. In the course of the Workshop, participants had a one-day field visit to the Haneda Airport Branch of Tokyo Customs. With unsparing support from the Haneda Airport Branch, delegates observed passenger selectivity and control practices including a demonstration of equipment that is used to analyse suspicious objects detected through Customs inspection at the airport. The Workshop was a huge success thanks to the active participation and interaction amongst the delegates.

It should be stressed that the real success rests with the effective application of those internationally recognized good practices, including the use of API and PNR. These practices would supplement frontline officials’ control skills and competence in making a better Customs border control operation. 
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