Future Activities

WCO A/P CB/TA Programs and Meetings Schedule

July 2017 - Onwards (Indicative)

(NB) Official invitation will be circulated in due course




u  WCO Regional Workshop on Small Arms and Light Weapons

17-20 Jul. 2017

Melbourne, Australia

u  WCO National Workshop on HS and Advance Ruling for Lao PDR

14-18 Aug. 2017

tbd, Lao PDR

u  WCO National Workshop on HRD for Fiji

21-25 Aug. 2017

Suva, Fiji

u  WCO PICARD Conference

26-28 Sep. 2017


u  WCO National Workshop on Customs Valuation for Indonesia

9-13 Oct. 2016 (tbc)

tbd, Indonesia

u  WCO A/P Contact Point Meeting

11-13 Oct. 2017


u  WCO Technology and Innovation Forum

31 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2017

Tokyo, Japan

u  WCO Regional Workshop on TFA

6-10 Nov. 2017

Kashiwa, Japan

u  WCO National Workshop on AEO for Sri Lanka

20-24 Nov. 2017

tbd, Sri Lanka

u  WCO Regional Workshop on Risk Management and Post Seizure Analysis

4-8 Dec. 2017

Kashiwa, Japan

u  WCO Sub-regional Workshop on IPR for the Pacific

4-8 Dec. 2017

Suva, Fiji

u  WCO Council Session

14-15 Dec. 2017

Brussels, Belgium

u  WCO Regional Workshop on Accreditation of ROO Experts

15-19 Jan. 2018

Cheonan, Korea (tbc)

u  WCO Regional Workshop on AEO

5-9 Feb. 2018

Cheonan, Korea (tbc)

u  WCO Global Meeting of Heads of ROCBs/RTCs/VCs

22-23 Feb. 2018

Brussels, Belgium

u  A/P Regional Training Center Heads Meeting

22 Feb. 2018 (tbc)

Brussels, Belgium

u  WCO Capacity Building Committee Meeting

26-28 Feb. 2018

Brussels, Belgium

u  WCO integrity Sub-Committee Meeting

1-2 Mar. 2018

Brussels, Belgium

u  WCO Council Session

28-30 Jun. 2018

Brussels, Belgium