ROCB A/P Promotes the AEO Program and Coordinated Border Management (CBM) at the WCO/UNODC CCP Stakeholder Roundtable Meeting in Yangon, Myanmar


WCO/UNODC Container Control Program (CCP) Stakeholder Roundtable Meeting was organized on 15 January 2016 in Yangon, Myanmar, by the UNODC Bangkok Office with the sponsorship of the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection (ADIBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Meeting was attended by around 26 participants representing Customs, Police, Department of Trade and Ministry of Home Affairs etc. This Stakeholder Roundtable Meeting was convened on the occasion of the national CCP implementation in Myanmar to exchange the views on how the parties involved in CCP could work together for better law enforcement outcome through the creation of Port Control Unit and application of risk analysis techniques.


Mr. Cheng Jing, Program Manager for Pacific Islands of the ROCB A/P, attended this Meeting and made a presentation on the rationales of the AEO program and the CBM, which were illustrated in some international documents including the RKC, WTO TFA and WCO SAFE FOS focusing on Pillar 2 (Cooperation between Customs and Business) and Pillar 3 (Cooperation between Customs and other government agencies). His presentation emphasized the use of the AEO and the CBM to establish meaningful partnership between Customs and its stakeholders for an enhanced information/intelligence exchange mechanism. He also introduced the ROCB A/P’s activities on the AEO and the CBM in the A/ P region since 2014.



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