WCO Regional Workshop on Passenger Controls

25-29 April 2016, Bangkok, Thailand


On 25-29 April 2016, the WCO Organized the A/P Regional Workshop on Passenger Controls at the ICAO Asia and Pacific Office in Bangkok, Thailand, in cooperation with the ROCB A/P under the sponsorship of Japan Customs Cooperation Fund. Thirty seven persons, including the representatives from 27 Member Customs administrations and RILO A/P, took part.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P participated in the Workshop as co-facilitator.

The Workshop was following up the one held in May 2015 in Japan focusing on the use of advance passenger information, namely API and PNR data (Passenger Name Record), from an operational perspective.  Accordingly, the Workshop program included a good combination of Member’s sharing administrations’ experiences and challenges in applying advance passenger information and this workshop also held break-out practical exercises, which included intelligence collection, risk assessment and targeting, investigation and reporting.  There were also a break-out tabletop exercise on passengers’ risk assessment. 


ROCB A/P, RILO A/P and ICAO made presentations on the capacity building opportunities in relation to passenger controls upon request from the interested Member Customs administrations.  As part of the Workshop, the participants had a field visit to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Control Customs Bureau and discussed their good practices being employed by the Thai Customs at one the world’s busiest airports.

For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.


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