Farewell message from Mr. Kangsik Cho,

Farewell message from Mr. Kangsik Cho, 


I have been working here ROCB A/P for two years from 2015. I was able to successfully complete my work here thanks to the kind help of my ROCB colleagues and the active support of the Thai Customs Department. I would like to say thank you again for your sincere friendship. 


I have been able to meet many friends while I was here and I could feel the reward of my working. Having the opportunity to work here has been an invaluable experience for me as well as for my family.


I will always remember the sincere friendship of my colleagues here even after I leave for Korea, and please contact me if you have a chance to come to Korea.


Also I ask for your warm support and cooperation to my successor as you did it to me. 


I wish you all of you good health and happiness !!



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