Farewell Message from Mr. Takayuki Miyoshi

Farewell Message from Mr. Takayuki Miyoshi



Time flies. My four-year tenure with the ROCB A/P has been completed on 23rd June 2017. I still remember the day when I started working in this office with a full of sense of vocation and a bit of anxiety. Since then, I have enjoyed working hard, met a lot of wonderful people and experienced a lot of things.


I would like to say that I have somehow managed my responsibilities in this office: (i) coordinated many Capacity Building activities for the WCO Members, including the WCO-ADB three-year Project on Customs Valuation Control for SASEC countries, in which I was in charge of a main coordinator as well as a leading expert; (ii) delivered lectures as a WCO accredited expert on Customs Valuation, Post Clearance Audit, Time Release Study and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and (iii) Supported the WCO Secretariat to develop the WCO Guidelines on PCA, etc. In addition, during my tenure in the ROCB A/P I took a master’s course in a university to broaden my view and try to reflect on what I am doing in the ROCB A/P from an academic point of view to better serve for the Members.


Someone said that:

-       If we can continue something for 10 days, we can continue it for a month.

-       If we can continue it for a month, we can continue it for three months.

-       Text Box: ……If we can continue it for three months, we can continue it for a half-year.


-       If we can continue it for five years, we can continue it for ten years.

-       If we can continue it for ten years, we can continue it for life.

, but in doing so, from time to time we need supports from others.


When I look back to my four-year work in the ROCB A/P, these words really come home to my heart. I definitely received tremendous kind supports from many people. Without such support, I am sure that I cannot do anything in this office. Although I, myself, should have been such a person who renders assistance to others as a Capacity Builder, I had been actually given more through the work here in the ROCB A/P. Seizing this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere appreciation from the bottom of my heart to all the people who kindly supported my work and life here in Bangkok, Thailand.


Working in the ROCB A/P was like a long journey for me (I actually had a lot of business travels abroad in the ROCB A/P though. hahaha..). Every day was exciting like an adventure and I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully, I would like to still continue it, but we know that a journey must end at some point.


Someone said that the objective of the journey is to come back to the departure point. Because when coming back from the journey, we sometimes can realize that our views have been changed due to our internal change occurred during the journey. We sometimes have a new view on almost everything, with which we used to be familiar in the place where we were before, even if nothing has been materially changed on the environment in the place. A certain journey has such a magical power. We may call such change “maturity”, “progress” or “castles in the air”, etc. Anyway, I would like to consider that it would be so precious and enrich our life.


I am sure that my journey in the ROCB A/P was such a wonderful journey thanks to the wonderful people around me. I am going to treasure the change forever as a special souvenir from this journey. Once again, thank you very much for everything. Hope to see you all somewhere in the near future.

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