WCO Regional Workshop on the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

6-10 November 2017, Kashiwa, Japan


The WCO, in close cooperation with the ROCB A/P and Japan Customs, organized the WCO Regional Workshop on the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement(TFA) on 6-10 November 2017 at the WCO Regional Training Center (RTC) Japan (Japan Customs Training Institute) in Kashiwa, Japan, under the sponsorship of Japan Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Japan). A total of 28 Customs officials representing 22 WCO A/P regional Member administrations and three facilitators including Ms. Saori Nojima, Project Manager of the ROCB A/P, participated in the Workshop.

The topics covered in the Workshop included, among other things, national coordination to expedite TFA implementation, coordinated border management, risk management, stakeholder engagement. In the Workshop, the facilitators explained the WCO’s instruments and tools to assist the Member administrations to implement trade facilitation measures and the participants shared regional and national best practices in implementing of the pertinent trade facilitation measures related to the TFA.  Ms. Nojima, along with the other facilitators, led discussions on the participating administrations’ challenges and possible solutions thereof.

The workshop was successfully concluded with the participants’ clear recognition of their way forward. The participants showed their appreciation to the RTC Japan for the Workshop arrangement and their hospitality. They also thanked the WCO, the ROCB A/P, and the CCF/Japan for their contribution to the Workshop.

For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org






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