WCO Sub-regional Workshop on Customs Valuation for the Pacific

3-7 December 2018, Suva, Fiji


The WCO, in cooperation with the ROCB A/P and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS), organized the WCO Sub-regional Workshop on Customs Valuation on 3-7 December 2018 at the WCO Regional Training Center in Suva (FRCS Training Center) with sponsorship of the Japan Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Japan).  19 participants from the 5 WCO Members in the Pacific region and 5 OCO-funded non-WCO participants took part in this Workshop, which was led by a resource person from the WCO Secretariat and 2 resource speakers from Japan.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P joined the Workshop as one of the facilitators.


The Workshop was officiated by the keynote address delivered by Mr. Visvanath Das, Chief Executive Officer of the FRCS, who stress the critical importance of proper appraisal of Customs valuation as approximately 98% of the global trade in goods is verified for ad valorem duty and taxes legally due.  He also touched upon emerging challenges associated with e-commerce as “game-changer.”  Representatives from the WCO Secretariat, Japan Customs, the ROCB A/P, and the Oceania Customs Organisation also gave their opening remarks and wished a successful workshop.  Participants took part in the workshop programs in a very interactive manner and exchanged their valuation challenges and views on the way to enhance their valuation knowledge and proper application of the valuation principles at the border. 


Program of this Sub-regional Workshop included, among other things, valuation key principles, overview of the transaction value, related party transaction, adjustments under Article 8, stages of valuation control including advance ruling and post clearance audit, alternative methods of valuation as well as group exercises on valuation case studies and the WCO Revenue Package Diagnostic Tool.  Mr. Igarashi made a presentation on the regional capacity building approach.  In addition to the demand-driven planning exercise, he explained the ROCB A/P’s initiatives in monitoring post-workshop impacts by way of Follow-Up Action Survey.  He showed some of the findings from the last three rounds of the Surveys, in particular, the impacts realized the Pacific colleagues in the wake of their participation in the WCO Regional Workshop on Customs Valuation held in June 2017 in Japan (refer to http://www.rocb-ap.org/article-detail/339/?crmid=uo0543oaagljbslb00ntlm86v4) and encouraged them to institutionalize the lessons-learned from this Sub-regional Workshop through engaged post-workshop actions.


In the course of the Workshop, all Workshop participants and resource persons were kindly invited to join FRCS colleagues for their official Christmas program, where everybody presented were blessed by a prayer and the FRCS Chief Executive Officer and wished a Happy New Year 2019.






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