The Tsinghua University Delegation visits the ROCB A/P

15 January 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

A delegation from the Tsinghua University of China, led by Mr. Chao Zhang, Director of the Tsinghua Career Development Center, visited the ROCB A/P on 15 January 2019. Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, Dr. Tong Hua, Program Manager, and other ROCB colleagues warmly welcomed the delegation and gave an explanation on the WCO’s functions and capacity building and human resource development approaches and of the ROCB A/P‘s future priorities. A possible internship program and career development path of the Tsinghua University students as well as academic contribution to the WCO PICARD conference and collaboration in further enhancing the ROCB’s think-tank function with the possible support from the Tsinghua University were also discussed.


Tsinghua University is perennially ranked as one of the top academic institutions in China and was recognized as the 14th best university in the 2017 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. Since its establishment in 1911, its alumni includes numerous Chinese political leaders, business people, members of academia, and culture.  Since 2017, the Tsinghua launched a Global Competence Development Project, aiming at providing international platforms for extraordinary post-graduate students and cultivating future global leaders.  The visit to the ROCB is the first stop of their 4-day agenda to enhance communication and cooperation between intergovernmental organizations and the Tsinghua University.


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