Farewell Message from Mr. Bhunnabhon SROYTHONG

Dear colleagues and friends,


A car can be driven effectively when all parts and components are completed and well maintained. Moreover, the driver must be well trained and has skills and experiences enough to drive the car. Most importantly, the driver must pay attention to safely. Sometimes, the driver needs to drive the car when it is raining and stormy. Sometimes, he needs to stop the car until the rainy cloud passes away. He enjoys every moment of life – whether good or bad and better or worse, since he is human.


I have raised this situation in order that I would like to explain my feelings and what I have learnt from working with the ROCB A/P team. The ROCB A/P is considered as a second home of my life. Everyone shares life and experiences each other. I enjoyed a lot, thanks to everyone.


To be honest, I feel so lucky that the TCD’s executive seconded me to perform duty at the ROCB A/P. At first, I feared that I could not live up to the team’s expectation since it was my first time to work with one of the well-known international organizations. Luckily, I had a good team, nice friends, and the two great bosses. The ROCB A/P is a place that makes me have my own identity, and is where I can improve myself. Frankly speaking, the ROCB A/P is a wonderful mechanism that broadens my sight, introduces plenty wonderful points of view, and enlarges my capacity, as the name itself -- the Asia/Pacific Regional Office for Capacity Building.


How could we know that we have constraints or which field we are good at? And how do we improve and understand more and effectively? These are the important questions that we need to always ask ourselves, from my opinion. And I certain that the ROCB A/P would like all customs officers, my dear friends, to keep asking yourselves as well to be ready for making our Customs community and the World a better place.


Lastly, a song says “a moment doesn’t last forever”; but, I still believed that every single moment DOES last whenever we all keep them in a meaningful and wonderful place.





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