Confirmed of Mutual Cooperation with APPU

21 December 2021, Bangkok Thailand


Upon invitation from the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU), Mr. Norikazu KURAMOTO, the Head of ROCB A/P and Ms. YE Zhengqing (Grace), Program Manager of ROCB A/P met with Mr. LIN Hongliang, the Secretary General of the APPU on December 21 2021. This visit aimed at exchanging information on Customs-related Capacity Building activities as well as exploring synergies of future mutual co-operation.

Mr. LIN welcomed the representatives of ROCB A/P and introduced the history of the APPU including APPC (Asian-Pacific Postal College). He appreciated ROCB A/P for its continuous support for the APPU over the last few years and emphasized that this visit provided an excellent opportunity to discuss joint Capacity Building efforts in the near future.

During this courtesy visit to the APPU, Mr. Kuramoto expressed his appreciation for long standing mutual cooperation between ROCB A/P and APPU. He also explained the updates of ROCB A/P and shared the challenges the office is facing during COVID-19 pandemic as well as its experiences in online workshops. Lasty, He expressed his commitment to support with APPU as much as possible as well as invite Mr. LIN to visit ROCB A/P’s new office in his convenience.

Both parties found this visit wonderful opportunity to exchange views and agreed to continue to explore the future cooperation in Customs-related areas.

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