ROCB A/P join APEC Customs discussion

15th – 17th February 2022, Bangkok Thailand

At the invitation, Ms. Pavida Boonmun, Assistant Program Manager, on the behalf of ROCB A/P, join APEC Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP1) plenary meeting which was organized and hosted online by APEC SCCP team during 15th – 17th February 2022.

Ms. Pavida Boonmun introduced the recent developments in AP region’s capacity building activities and highlighted the topic of Gender Equality and Diversity as recent and common interested topic of APEC Economies Customs in capacity building area. Moreover, ROCB A/P reaffirmed the importance of Gender Equality and Diversity in AP region by committed to Regional Strategic Plan (RSP) 2020-2022 which are related to Gender Equality and Diversity.

ROCB A/P also express our commitment to encourage not only AP Member but also APEC Economies Customs to raise awareness on Gender Equality and Diversity and to cooperate closely with APEC Economies Customs to deliver workshops as much as possible.

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