Welcome Ms. Manita Sreeta, Our new staff

Hello colleagues,


It is my pleasure to introduce myself to everyone.


I am Manita Sreeta. My nickname is Pleng. I graduated from Thammasat University, a law school in Bangkok, Thailand in the year 2012 and decided to change my career path to be a Customs officer. I have been with Thai Customs for a year now and have been given an opportunity to work at the Customs Academy. Communicating with people and organizing internal workshops have been some of the experiences I have gained. Thanks to Ms. Ben Chamkrom, my predecessor, for introducing me to a new valuable world. It is a great opportunity for me to be a part of ROCB A/P where I can start my international career path. I am sure my knowledge and experiences I have gained will be useful to this work. I look forward to the challenges ahead and rest assured I will try my best. 

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