ROCB A/P attend the Joint Anti-Drug Operation SIREN Debriefing Seminar

20 - 22 September 2022, Seoul, Korea

  The Joint Anti-Drug Operation SIREN Debriefing Seminar was convened from 20 to 22 September 2022 in Seoul, Korea, under the sponsorship of the Korea Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Korea). The Seminar was organized by the Korea Customs Service (KCS) in cooperation with the WCO. 60 on-site participants from the Thai Customs Department (TCD) and KCS attended this Seminar to share the results of Operation SIREN. Together with the representatives from the WCO Secretariat, RILO A/P and the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, Ms. Yuko Mamiya, Program Manager of the ROCB A/P, also attended the Seminar as a speaker.


  During the Seminar, Ms. Mamiya introduced ROCB A/P’s capacity building activities, WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium and WCO Illicit Trade Report which are the WCO tool and reference material to support the WCO Members’ effort toward the further improvement of risk management systems in their home Administrations. At the seminar, the participants introduced several drug trafficking cases which were detected through Operation SIREN. The Seminar also arranged a study visit to the Canine Training Center, Incheon Airport Customs and Express Cargo Terminal in order to exchange views and experiences between KCS and TCD.


  Operation SIREN is a Joint operation between the KCS and the TCD, which aims to fight against drug trafficking. The Operation Co-ordination Unit was established in the TCD, and the officials of KCS and TCD worked together there to analyze the information for drug enforcement. This Operation resulted in the successful seizure of 22kg of methamphetamine, 29 thousand amphetamine pills and 479 ecstasy pills.


  This Seminar was a good opportunity to analyze the results of the operation in order to utilize this analysis for future drug enforcement as well as further enhance cooperation between WCO, ROCB A/P, RILO A/P, KCS and TCD. The participants expressed their appreciation to CCF/Korea, the WCO, the KCS and the ROCB A/P.


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