ROCB A/P confirmed the closed cooperation with Australia Border Force

29 June 2023, Bangkok, Thailand


Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of ROCB A/P and his colleagues have a meeting with Mr. Michael Cymbalista, Counsellor of the Australian Border Force (ABF) Attaché and his team at the Australia Embassy in Bangkok Thailand at 29th June as the cooperate partner of the ROCB A/P.


We exchanged views on cooperation between the ROCB A/P and the ABF from July onwards as a new fiscal year. The ROCB A/P provided information on the updates our activity and the results of the Council Sessions as well as forthcoming events for the new fiscal year.


The ABF Counsellor expressed its continued support for ROCB A/P activities in the new fiscal year and both parties confirmed their mutual cooperation, particularly in public relations and workshop activities. They also introduced us the newly established ABF attaché in Viet Nam in person and confirmed that they would continue to cooperate as well.


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