The 34th National Contact Points Meeting for RILO A/P

11-13 October 2023, Tokyo, Japan


At the invitation of the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office for Asia and the Pacific (RILO A/P), Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of ROCB A/P, and Mr. Louis Chan, Program Manager of ROCB A/P, actively participated in the 34th National Contact Points (NCP) Meeting of RILO A/P, held in Tokyo, Japan, from October 11 to 13, 2023.


During the event, Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto delivered a comprehensive presentation introducing the work of ROCB A/P and providing updates on regional capacity-building activities. He encouraged NCPs to make effective use of capacity building as the privilege of WCO membership to maintain and improve knowledge for intelligence officers. He asked that capacity building requests be shared with ROCB A/P in the Annual Needs Survey. He pledged continuous support to enhance Members’ enforcement capacity in the fight against transnational crimes in the region.


This significant gathering convened more than 45 delegates, including representatives from 16 Member Administrations, esteemed international organizations (WCO, RILO ME, ROCB AP, UNODC, INCB, and WWF), and regional entities (RILO AP and RILO ME). Throughout the meeting, participants engaged in insightful discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions focused on the evolving challenges encountered in Customs enforcement within the region. Key topics included the latest trends in drug trafficking, international wildlife trafficking, prevalent modus operandi in duty/tax evasion, and commercial fraud.


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