The WCO Sub – Regional Workshop for ASEAN Member Countries on HS and Advance Rulings

16- 20 October 2023, Bangkok, Thailand


The WCO Sub – Regional Workshop for ASEAN Member Countries on HS and Advance Rulings was held from 16th – 20th October 2023 at the RTC Thailand under the sponsorship of Customs Cooperation Fund Japan (CCF Japan). A total of 19 participants from 9 Customs Administrations in ASEAN attended the workshop. Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of the ROCB A/P, Mr. Jun Tajima, Program Manager, Ms. Aksara Mackhawiman, Assistant Program Manager, and Ms. Kanyawarat Sitthikunpanit, Program Coordinator also attended the workshop as facilitator/coordinator.


In the opening remarks, Mr. Kuramoto expressed his greatest appreciation for the Thai Customs Department for their hosting and Japan Customs for their financial support in this workshop. He highlighted the importance of HS Classification and Advance Rulings and encouraged participants engage in the workshop.


Mr. Tajima introduced the roles of the ROCB A/P in assisting Member Administrations and its work in identifying the needs of Members through the Annual Needs Survey. He also encouraged participants to utilize their acquired knowledge and experience from the workshop and contribute to their home Administration. Ms. Sitthikunpanit introduced the evaluation activity and Follow-up Action Survey. She highlighted that the feedback will be critical to the workshop improvement.


During the workshop, participants were introduced and provided information on the Harmonized System Convention, the General Rules for the Interpretation of Harmonized System (GIRs), Tools and Instrument, and the updates in HS 2022 Amendment by the WCO experts, as well as the Advanced Rulings System in Japan by the expert from Japan Customs. Participants engaged in extensive discussion on various case studies in the classification of goods following the principle of HS Convention and actively shared their experiences in the implementation of the HS 2022 Amendment and Advanced Rulings System, including challenges in their home Administration.


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