ROCB A/P discusses to enhance cooperation with Australia Customs

10 November, 2023, Bangkok, Thailand


On 10 November 2023, Mr. Michael Cymbalista, Australian Border Force (ABF), Counsellor Mekong region of the Australian Embassy in Thailand and his colleagues at the Australian Embassy in Thailand, visited ROCB A/P.


Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of the ROCB A/P, and his colleagues welcomed them and expressed his appreciation for the continuous support from the ABF for the activities in Asia Pacific region.


In this occasion, they discussed possibilities to strengthen existing collaboration and the potential for cooperation between ROCB A/P and ABF in capacity building activities in the Asia Pacific region, with a significant emphasis on each other's capabilities for the benefit of the Members in the region. The ABF Counsellors emphasized the ABF's dedication to supporting for the future capacity building activity in the Asia Pacific region with its expertise and resources. Both parties reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen their cooperation to support the Members in the Asia Pacific region.


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