ROCB A/P Paid a Courtesy Call to the executives of the Thai Customs Department

January 2024, Bangkok, Thailand


Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of the ROCB A/P and his colleagues, paid a courtesy call on the occasion of new year 2024 on Mr.Theeraj  Athanavanich, the Director - General of the Thai Customs Department, Mr. Phantong Loykulnanta, Principal Advisor on Duty Collection Management & Development, Mrs.Nunthita  Sirikup, Deputy – Director General, Mrs.Kitjaluck  Srinuchsart, Deputy – Director General, Mr.Niti wityatem, Deputy – Director General, Mrs.Arpapannee Sangmukda, Director of Human Resource Management Division, and Mr.Vishnu  Wacharawanich, Secretariat of the Thai Customs Department.

Mr. Kuramoto expressed his gratitude for their support and contribution to ROCB A/P ‘s activities especially providing excellent office and staffs to ROCB A/P since it established in 2004 as the host administration. Both parties reaffirmed their continuous support and cooperation.

On this occasion, Mr. Kuramoto took this opportunity congratulated Mr. Teerat Attanavanich on his new appointment of the Director - General of the Thai Customs Department and Mr. Niti Wityatem, the Deputy – Director General. In addition, he introduced the function and activities of the ROCB A/P in relation to the capacity building in the Asia Pacific Region. He also introduced his colleagues at the ROCB A/P.

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