ROCB A/P is invited WCO Refresher Workshop for Expert Trainers on Rules of Origin (RoO) for the Asia Pacific Region

4-8 March, 2024, Shanghai, China


The WCO Refresher Workshop for Expert Trainers on Rules of Origin (RoO) for the Asia Pacific Region was held in Shanghai China from 4-8 March sponsored by the Customs Cooperation Fund of China (CCF-China). Ms. Zhengqing Ye, the Program Manager and Operation Manager of the CCF-China from ROCB A/P participated in this workshop.


The workshop started with the remarks made by Mr. WANG Xiaogang, the Vice President of RTC China. Mr. WANG welcomed all the participants and expressed the sincere gratitude to the WCO for choosing RTC China to host this Workshop. He emphasized that this event empowered the WCO accredited as well as pre-accredited experts in this region. Additionally, he underscored that this WS offered a great opportunity to learn about China Customs’ Smart Customs’ Initiatives for advancing customs modernization reforms. Ms. YE, the representative of the ROCB A/P, reaffirmed the office’s commitment to work together with the WCO to further enhance the region’s capacity to navigate rules of origin in A/P region.


This workshop served as a valuable platform for WCO accredited and pre-accredited experts from across the Asia-Pacific region to exchange insights and deepen their expertise in the field of rules of origin. Each session was designed to elevate experts' skills to meet international standards, with a focus on relevant regional trade agreements aligned with WCO standards. Furthermore, it provided a forum to discuss accreditation and pre-accreditation processes, offering insights into the website showcasing accredited experts. Additionally, the workshop underscored capacity-building initiatives aimed at enhancing expertise in the field of origin throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


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